CORDATE一詞源自於幸運草,COR 在英文口語有驚奇一詞,

















As a long-time love affair with the antique jewelry, it’s the reason to inspire me to be a jewelry designer. After getting into the world of jewelry, I've found out the user's habits and style in each period of the fashion is way beyond our expectation.Especially for antique brooch, the early design of brooch was more fancy and magnificent.It’s a pity that the usage of cufflinks and brooch is quite rare in Taiwan even many people have never bought it. The main reason is that the climate of Asian is humid. Therefore, the fabric of the clothes is much lighter weight, not suitable for brooch.


"So, does this exquisite design will fade away slowly?"


I want to keep such gorgeous design of jewelry instead of letting disappear gradually. So I got some pop-up ideas, "What if I use these brooch jewelry as the material, and transform them into other jewelry accessories?"After receiving the advice from many customers, using vintage stock and new components from all around the world including Brass,Copper and gemstones. I decided to use the vintage jewelry to combine others material I collected, add some modern elements of creations to become the distinctive jewelry. The whole design concept, creations and color-matching of the series of the vintage jewelry is mainly exquisite classical and a little bit girly. I hope my jewelry design will make everyone has a fresh view of antique jewelry.


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